Tuesday, March 4, 2014

So far this morning

What an early morning for us. Lil Sis did great being woken up and in the car to the hospital. She just wanted to get down and play while we waited. She did well taking her sleepy medicine and started getting loopy, which was pretty cute to watch. She really doesn't like the oxygen lead they put on her finger (basically a bandaid with a red light on it- nothing invasive). It's funny because it's such a small thing but it drives her crazy. As expected the staff was all so nice this morning at the OR area. A sweet woman took her back and Lil Sis was sleepy enough to not fight it.
We've made it over to the Ronald McDonald House and had some breakfast and now the waiting game beginnings. We'll have some company through the morning to help pass time and just longing for when we get to see her again.

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