Saturday, March 8, 2014

Home Sweet Home

I will start today's post with another short background story. I am in the middle of reading one of the best books I have ever read, "The Circle Maker" by Mark Batterson. It has changed my prayer life forever and I'm about to tell you how. A few days before Lil Sis's surgery I decided to pray over her while she slept. As I prayed for healing, her strength, and a few specific things that I didn't want Mamma to have to go through again, I kept hearing the # 4. I had no idea what it meant. It was constant. Now if you're like me and don't feel that you have heard the Holy Spirit before, you can think you're going crazy. But towards the end of my prayer God came right out and said it. We would be home in 4 days from surgery. I thought no way. We had already been through this before and it took 18 days. I didn't tell anybody about this but continued to think about it and hear it in my prayers from then on. The night before surgery I finally told Momma about what The Lord had told me and while we had both thought that it was crazy, we also talked about the amazing things we has seen The Lord do through  and around our family in the recent past. As we walked through the doors of the hospital the next morning the 4 day vision was not in the fore front. On Thursday night as we were speaking to the on call cardiologists he said he would like to see her go home tomorrow. Instantly Momma and I looked at  each other, remembering the prayer I had and nearly started crying. Could this really be happening? Were we really going to go home on day 4? That night as I gave a testimonial on the importance of cultivating a culture of Christ to a group of about 30 Christ following men I confessed to them what the Holy Spirit had told me. I felt strengthened in that moment. Then Friday seemed to dragged by. I started to wonder if we really would leave. And that's exactly when our Heavenly Father came and slapped me upside the head! It seems that my momentary doubt made Him come up with another plan. Yes I circled the 4 day vision and prayed over it and shared it but at a certain level I found it next to impossible. I failed to remember how big our God is. As I write this we have been home for nearly a whole day. Our Heavenly Father clouded this chapter in a huge way. And because our Heavenly Father wanted to prove His amazing power He one-upped the original deal He made with me by my calculations, we left the hospital 84 hours from the time Lil Sis was placed on the operating table. That's 3-1/2 days! Not 4! How great is our God? We are so blessed as a family to have gotten the opportunity to witness our three beautiful miracles and to share them with a community that we love and do life with. Six years ago Momma and I were lost sheep but now we are found and we come with three little ones in tow. His timing is perfect in every way.

As we packed for this trip to the hospital Lil Mis begged us to take the same set of pajamas that she wore the morning of her surgery for Lil Sis to wear after surgery. We threw them in the bag and forgot about them, having no plan to actually use them since hospital gowns are just easier. And because we weren't prepared to leave in 4 days they were the only set of clothes we had for her. We cried as we dressed her realizing that we had finally come full circle from morning of Lil Mis's surgery to Lil Sis coming home.

We want to thank all of you for following this short journey and for your prayers and support along the way.  We were, and continue to be just overwhelmed by the constant love poured out on us. We love every one of you! As we enjoy our weekend with all three babies safe, healed, and at home we pray that you are all doing the same. Until next time be blessed!

Dad and the M Party of 5

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