Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Slow Cooker Turkey Wraps

I LOVE a good slow cooker recipe! Throw things into a giant pot you plug in and get on with your day! This recipe we've done several times over the past few months! It's easy and you are able to change things around to whatever you have on hand and it still turns out great!
The original recipe comes from Betty Crocker. I'll explain how I've changed it to fit our liking.

Slow Cooker Turkey Wraps

2lbs turkey breast cut into strips. (you can use chicken too!)
1 onion sliced
3/4cup bbq sauce
2 tb taco seasoning mix

8 flour tortillas
avocado, sliced
lettuce, sliced
fresh bell peppers sliced (original recipe calls for canned roasted peppers- not a fan in this household. plus fresh add a great crunch!)
shredded cheese (optional)
Bacon (optional) we normally leave out the bacon to keep it lower fat

1. Pour a little olive oil into a skillet and brown the turkey a little with the onion. This step is very fast. If you choose to use bacon brown it in skillet first then remove bacon and fat and then add turkey and onions.

2. Put turkey and onions into crocpot and cover with bbq sauce and taco seasoning.

3. Cook on low for 5-6hours

4. Take out turkey and shred then return it to crocpot.

5. Wrap tortillas in wet paper towel and heat in microwave until warm, I usually go in 30sec intervals flipping them every 30secs.

6. Start filling the wrap with your topping choices.

We make these fun for the kids and let them add their toppings. I think it makes them eat whatever recipe it is, better when they get to help. For me I normally make one wrap and then make a little 'side' salad with the veggies and turkey, just basically no wrap. So if you're trying to get away from so many carbs that would be a good option.

(you can see that I devoured the wrap and went back for seconds with a salad!)

Eat Right for Your Blood Type

Happy New Year! Yes, a few weeks late! This holiday season was CRAZY for our family! We took a very long vacation to visit family and took a road trip to get there. We're finally back and settled back into reality.

This year isn't going to be about diets for myself or my husband. It's going to be all about feeling great! I was introduced to the book Eat Right for Your Blood Type years ago. I tried to get my husband on board a few times but of course it has to be their idea, right?!? Well we borrowed the book and are digging in!

This book is all about how the different blood types evolved over time and the areas of the world where they are more predominate and how body chemistry is different for everyone depending on your blood type. Interesting huh?!? Even for you "not-into-it" people out there, healthy eating is never bad! This book isn't extreme and we're not living every ounce of food by it. Just a healthier approach to the meals we're cooking.

Well of course my husband and I are the complete opposites! I'm O blood type, the most common as are both kiddos and he's A. Which of course means I do well on red meats and he does best on vegetarian foods. So we're experimenting a lot with vegetarian foods lately and how to make some of our favorite recipes better for him. And I'm trying not to feel guilty eating more red meat than he is!

I'm excited about what this year holds for our family and the new foods we're going to be trying out.