Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Our Three

As we have a seemingly normal bedtime routine tonight, I reflect on the miracles God has placed in my life to witness. I wasn't always sure God's role. I didn't whole-heartily believe He was good... 

After my cousin's death from fighting leukemia and then my most favorite person on earth- my cousin's father- suffered 2 strokes. I was a heart broken little girl. I would find myself for the next 10 years praying a short most likely impossible prayer, unsure if I was even being heard "God, if you're listening to ME (little ol me) show me good. Show me the miracles of You."

God works in mysterious ways, right? That's an all too familiar saying. I think we use that to help us fight the urge to scream "why? I don't get it!" back at God. My life has been filled with "why's" and the past few years I believe God is working in me to let me know He's got this! 

I can look at each of my children and see the blessing that they are as individuals to me, our family, the world. But when I think about it, I realize what miracles they are too. They are my answered prayer all these years! He hand crafted each of them to be miracles. 

Lil Miss, symptom after symptom not being put together to find the real diagnoses. God sending her "lucky pheamonea" to wake drs up and see the whole picture. Just in time! Just in time to be cleared for full surgical repair!! A year after most babies with complete AV canal have had surgery- miracle!

Lil Man, born with a genetic mutation, MCAD. Genetic- his genes are messed up! Always will be. But his bloodwork is coming back so great that his nurse actually said "doesn't even look like he has it with these numbers"- miracle!

Lil Sis, born with 2 holes and valve issues similar to Lil Miss. Yet, no symptoms, no failure to thrive. God actually started repairing her lower hole. Surgery took only 3.5 hours and recovery has gone so well for her- miracle!

How amazing that these 3 kids are such miracles! Down the hall sleeping right now are 3 beautiful, amazing miracles and He chose me to be their mom. He answered my impossible prayer by giving me them! And I thank him everyday for them. I am blessed! 

Lil Sis is 1 week out from surgery and NOTHING is slowing this girl down!! We're having beautiful weather and she's enjoying every minute we allow of her being outside- eating peas straight from the garden, swinging, playing in the sand table. She had a bath today and that might have been the highlight of her week as she's our water baby!!! 


Thank you, thank you for all the prayers and checking in on Lil Sis this past week! 

Mom, M party of 5

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