Monday, October 5, 2009

Orange Roughy

Last night's dinner, thanks to I get a lot of base recipes from here and enjoy changing them around. Love their site.
Citrus Orange Roughy
4 orange roughy fillets (I would assume it would be good with tilapia too)
1 orange (do not use orange juice)
1 lemon
lemon pepper
4green onions cut up

pour a little olive oil in a pan, heat over medium. Add the fish. Squeeze(*tip-if you roll the fruit on the counter before cutting it in half it juices a lot easier in your hand)the orange and lemon over the fish and then sprinkle with lemon pepper. I'm not the biggest lemon pepper fan so i sprinkled a little then added some regular pepper too. Cook it a little then throw the green onions on top. The juice will reduce and become a nice sauce.

I'm going to say 7mins to cook.. just to get the juices reduced.. I'm going to try to find a nutrition chart that I can post on here too.

We just threw together some sides and some leftovers, but it would be super yummy over rice and maybe even a dash of white wine in the sauce (will try that next time!)


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