Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Flavorful Green Chili Chicken

Tonight consisted of a Hubby's favorite. Green chili, mushroom, swiss cheese chicken!
Grill up some chicken breasts. Grind a little salt/pepper over them first.
Then saute a few slices of onion, smidge of garlic, two handfuls of sliced mushrooms, and a can of diced green chilies. (I don't use butter to saute. I just use my nonstick pan, maybe a little olive oil but not really needed for this)
When the chicken is done leave on grill and top with mushroom/chili mixture then top that with cheese! We normally use swiss but decided on pepperjack tonight. Husband's family omits diced green chilies in saute mixture and uses canned whole green chilies and tops that in between mushrooms and cheese on top of chicken.
Could easily take away some of the fat by omitting the cheese or being sure to get lowfat sliced cheese.
I'm not really a chicken lover, but really enjoy the flavors in this meal. It's also good to add it to a bun a make a sandwich out of it!

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