Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Not Your Vegan's Tofu

Oh Tofu.. I have nightmares of eating "scrambled eggs" made from tofu as a kid at my Grandparent's house. I'm pretty sure they even added it to pies! I told my little self that when I get older and make my own food, it will NOT be tofu!
But then my brother decided he'd make life a little more interesting and become a vegan. Yes, a vegan... no animal anything! Not even leather clothing! And tofu was reintroduced to me at an older age. And then I got married and introduced it to my husband and now my children. I am still very leary of this spongy-like protein. It's just strange and honestly most of the time lacks flavor. So why am I posting a tofu recipe.. well because it's GREAT ONE! Full of flavor, veggies, great with rice and dare I say, egg rolls.. Oh and did I mention there's beef in the recipe?! WHAT?!?! Beef and tofu together! Try it! It might change the way you feel about these odd little bricks.

Spicy Tofu Stir Fry

16oz firm or extra firm tofu
1lb ground beef
1clove/1tsp minced garlic
1tsp minced ginger (from the jar)
1 bag of stir fry veggies OR keep it simple and just do 1cup frozen peas
1/2cup general tsao stir fry sauce (From Trader Joe's)
1tbsp soy sauce
1tsp sesame oil
2 green onions sliced

Heat a large skillet pan or wok to medium. Brown the ground beef.

While the beef is cooking take out the tofu from the package. Lay it on a few paper towels. It's helpful to slice it long ways before putting on paper towels. Then place a few more paper towels on the top of the tofu. Press down on the tofu to help get the extra moisture out of it. You can always place an empty pan or something else heavy on top of the tofu and keep it there until ready to dice it.

Once the beef is brown put in the garlic and ginger. Stir that around a little bit, then put in your veggies. Stir fry them until they are just slightly crunchy.
Dice the tofu into little squares. Add them to the pan. Then pour in the sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil. I try to pour most of the sauce on the tofu- not sure if that really helps or not. Cook for 2 minutes or so until tofu is warm! Serve over rice, if desired, and top with green onions.

The 1/2cup of sauce is not too spicy for my kids especially with all of the veggies in it. My husband and I add extra sauce to ours once on the plate to get a little more heat!

Enjoy! And let me know if you are brave enough to try tofu for the first time! Would love to hear what people say about this recipe!

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