Thursday, February 27, 2014

Life Changing Moments

There are certain times in your life you'll never forget. For my list I have amazing memories like the night I met my husband, when he proposed and when I first saw a double line on the pregnancy test! All amazing life changing moments! Then I have other moments in my life, that were life changing as well, but not all sunshine and roses:

The phone call from Lil Miss' pediatrician saying to take her ER to see a cardiologist because her chest X-ray showed an enlarged heart
A week later hearing from Dr. Doom and Gloom there was a possibility Lil Miss couldn't have surgery and we would go into a "honeymoon period".. Until her heart failed her.
Seeing Lil Miss right after heart surgery
Finding out I was pregnant with Lil Man while Lil Miss was still recovering in the hospital
Hearing Lil Man's NBS (newborn screening) came back abnormal
Hearing (again from Dr. Doom and Gloom) that Lil Sis would need heart surgery too

We are entering the final few days before Lil Sis' surgery and I know there are bound to be more life changing moments in my life and theirs. A ton more tears- some in fear and sadness and some accompanied by smiles. I'm ready- ready to see how this amazing beautiful life of mine will play out.

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